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Family Therapy

Emotion Focused Family Therapy

Relationships with parents, siblings, and other family members go through transitions as they move along the life cycle. Resilient families realign their relationships to respond to the changing demands and stressors within the family system. Those who are unable, find themselves in repetitive patterns marked by conflict and distress, often resulting in their need to seek support.
Based on attachment theory, Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is a pragmatic short-term treatment approach designed to alleviate distress in family functioning.
EFFT is a lifespan approach that can be delivered with entire families, parent-child dyads, or with parents only. One of the key strengths of the EFFT is that parents/caregivers can learn different ways to strengthen their family's bond regardless of their children's age or involvement in treatment.
As an EFFT my main responsibility is to support parents and caregivers to become active agents of healing.


Mother-Daughter Dyads

Mother and Daughter

Immigrant Families

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LGBTQ+ Families

Pride Parade

Divorce and Separation

Family Dispute

Families with Teens

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